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Granite stone

PM Granites - We Prakash Marbles and Granites have been proven as the best suppliers of marble and stone for all needs of individuals. It has been started in 2005 and has been giving successful outcomes from that time. We are one of the best Kota stone manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India. Till date, no other Kota stone suppliers have been able to beat us in our quality or rate. We have been supplying various ranges of granite stones to our customers. All our granite stones are very uniquely and efficiently designed to give productive outcomes to the individuals. We have gained specialized and unique knowledge in the field of Indian sandstone. As we are a local brand all our Indian sandstones are made in accordance with the local needs of an individual who have been working with us as our customers. There are many types of Kota stones available on the market. We at Prakash Marbles and Granites help you in finding one of the best from various types of Kota stones that have been found in the local market always. We have special ranged of carved marble stone which is specially designed for kitchens and verandas of individuals. These marble stone are cost-effective and easy to clean. From all the different types of granite types available we always believe in suggesting the best one for you. All our granite types are designed for all budget ranges available in the market. We have been voted as best Gujarat granite from people of Gujarat. Getting the title of best Gujarat granite is not all easy we have worked very hard for achieving it. We have a wide range available for granite kitchen tops. These granite kitchen tops are specially designed for platform needs of an individual. We offer great discounts for bulk marble and granite supplier. When it comes to marble and granite supply no other company can beat us at quality or price. We also provide special discount for retail needs of individuals. We have been very famous as granite retailers for all retail needs. Our work cannot be compared with other granite retailers available in the market of Indian natural stone suppliers at the best white granite colors, Granite Cobble Stone in the world of Suppliers granite marble wholesale, Manufacturers, Suppliers in the nominal price in the USA, UK and the UAE.

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  • Email:       info.pmg.group@gmail.com
  • Address:  539, kathwada GIDC,
                      Opp. Pashupatinath Temple,
                      Singarva Road, Indore National Highway,
                      Kathwada, Ahemadabad,-382420
                      Gujarat, India.