PM Granites - We Sandstone are mainly formed with the help of cemented grains. These cemented grains can be formed from a rock which has already existed or from the mono minerallic crystals that have been available. Sand stone is one of the latest trends that have been available in the market. These sand stone available are made up of special designs and patterns which add a new spark in the house. There are various types of things involved in the smooth run of the process always. With the help of this there are many types of materials involved in the process. There are also many different types of clays and sediments which are a part of sand stone that has been available in the market. These sand stones are mostly recommended by the interior designers and other house decors to beautifully design a particular house. With the help of this sand stones various results are given to the individuals for decorating their houses. There are various types of needs and patterns that involve in getting sand stone. At Prakash Granites and stones we also provide a very wide range of sand stones. With the help of all these sand stones you can very beautifully design your house at the very efficient rate always.